Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are down!

Good afternoon everyone. I have gotten several calls and texts today asking about the Social media platforms issues today.  It's not just your account!  

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are all down today and that is how we communicate with our people, since we can't do that, a quick blog post is a great way to share some information with you.  

First off:
SCAM ALERT!!  There are scammers sending out emails telling you to "click this link to regain access to facebook/insta".    If you get a pop up asking to click to clean up your computer or restart to get into facebook, DO NOT click on them!  those are the types of scams that will get your log in and password information and use it months from now (when you aren't expecting it) to steal and/or lock you out of your account.  I hope that helps you keep your info safe.

For all of my business owner friends:

Most business owners, multi-level marketing sales platforms, real estate agents, lenders and drop-shipping companies use social media almost primarily as a way to grow their businesses and stay in front of their people. This is a wake up call!  Do you have other methods in place for staying in contact with your people?  If not we should all take the down time to update your practices.  :) 

As soon as a new agent gets a real estate license the first thing they want me to teach them is how to set up a Facebook business page.  That is a great tool. HOWEVER, in times like this, do you have other ways to keep in touch with your people?  If not, we need to get those in the works for you!  Are you keeping a database of contact information to reach your "followers" in other ways?  Are you in regular contact with your circle of influence on platforms that YOU control?  I don't know about you... but the thought of my entire database being under the control of a company who can randomly turn it off on a random Monday is TERRIFYING to me.  I have multiple avenues to reach my folks and if you don't, it's time to put some in place. 

Feel free to reach out to me for updates and more information on this topic.  

For future reference you can verify outages on www.DownDetector.com I hope this information was helpful for you guys!  Feel free to text me if you have more issues or questions.  

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